Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vol 2, No 2 (2009) Now Published!

Practice What You Teach: Table of Contents


Making the Case for Progressive Engagement Abstract PDF
Charles R. Menzies 5
Introduction to Practice What You Teach: Activist Anthropology at the Sites of Cross-Talk and Cross-Fire Abstract PDF
Anna L. Anderson-Lazo 6-11


Transforming Swedish Social Work with Engaged Anthropology Abstract PDF
Lena Sawyer 12-17
Politics of Apprehension: Teaching about the Middle East in Uncertain Times Abstract PDF
Afsaneh Kalantary 18-23
Participation and the State: Towards an Anthropological View of the “New Participatory Paradigms” Abstract PDF
Kathy A. Riley 24-30
“Communities,” Anthropology and the Politics of Stakeholding: The Challenges of an Inorganic Activist Anthropology Abstract PDF
Kristen E.G. Hudgins 31-37
Boricuas ACTing UP in New York and San Juan: Diasporic Puerto Rican HIV/AIDS Activism and Anthropology Abstract PDF
Adriana María Garriga-López 38-44
Indigenous AIDS Organizing and the Anthropology of Activist Knowledge Abstract PDF
Scott L. Morgensen 45-60
A Reflection on Political Research and Social Justice Organizing Abstract PDF
Anna L. Anderson-Lazo 61-72

Reviews and Reflections

Learning From Activist Anthropologists' Praxis Abstract PDF
Ann E. Kingsolver 73-77

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Complete Printable Version Abstract PDF
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